It all began in January 1962 in a home office on East Parrish Drive in Benson with one employee after I left my job with the local Nationwide agent here in Benson after 17 years of employment. In 1968 I moved operations to our newly renovated offices to 111 S. Elm Street in a building which was the birthplace of W.J. Barefoot, longtime principal of Benson High School. in 2006, I moved the business to its present location at 104-A South Johnson Street in the newly renovated Parkside Building.

I attended all the agents’ meeting designated to promte selling and services personal lines of insurance and some commercial lines. i used the manual, Rapid Rater Rating Services provided by Independent Insurance Agents of N.C. Today, all rating and processing is done by computer. In fact, we have no files; everything is “paperless”. To my knowledge we were the first agency in the county to go paperless. We committed to the “new way” of processing July 1, 1992 using REDSHAW Agency Software Systems.

The daily operations from 1962 up to the present, certainly, have seen many changes. From representing one company, St. Paul, to seven primary carriers, our agency’s volume has gone from ground zero to over 2 million today. Over these 50 years, many strong and lasting business relationships have formed between agency and company. It has been a privilege working with these several insurance carriers to offer advantages to our clientele. It has been an honor to have serviced so many clients for 20, 20 or 40 years and many of our clients today are second generation customers. I am very proud of that!

In summary, the need for added marketing accessibility is the reason I took the opportunity to “Go For It” and build a future for myself and my family. it has been a good thing for us and our community, and I look forward to the transition to other family. I wish everyone the BEST!

Eloise McLamb Moore